Videoconferences for Qualitative Research

Vidio is a platform for Market Research Interviews and Focus Groups. It can be used as a standalone video-conferencing solution or as a complement to Zoom, Teams or Face to Face Interviews and Groups

Vidio improves market research video-conferencing with:

• Virtual backrooms for observers not visible by participants, and Pre and Post-meeting Spaces

• Activities for participants. Virtual Whiteboard, Surveys, Heatmaps, Drawings, Video Commenting, and many others

• Automatic transcripts, coding, bookmarks, analysis tools, simultaneous interpreters…

• Innovative Interactive Presentations that facilitate showing the results of the research in new ways

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Observers can watch the videoconference from a personalized Virtual Backroom that is invisible to participants

Observers' Virtual Backroom

• A personalized viewing room for the videoconference and its activities, each observer chooses what to see and how to see it

• Multi-lingual simultaneous interpretation, private communication channels with moderators, synchronized notes and bookmarks

• Pre and Post Meeting Rooms facilitate organization and analysis for all stakeholders while giving more context to the discussions

Vidio streamlines the management of the study and allows a richer interaction with participants during the meeting

Management of Invitations, Activities, and Groups

• Manage invitations, reminders, RSVPs and acceptance of Terms & Conditions before the meeting
• Assign participants to different focus groups based on the results of the screener
• Conduct activities during the meeting: Whiteboards, Surveys, Heatmaps, Drawings and many others
• Divide participants in Breakout Rooms

Ready to analyze

• Real time analysis tools facilitate obtaining insights faster during the videoconference

• At the end of the meeting, a speech-to-text transcript, bookmarks and notes are synchronized with the recording automatically

• All materials can be studied in an analysis app designed for interviews and focus groups

Presenting the Research

• At the end of each videoconference all materials are added to an interactive study space to which interested parties can be given access

• Innovative tools for presenting the results in this space make the results more attractive and understandable