Qualitative Analysis from Input to Output

The IO Platform

The software suite to accelerate qualitative marketing research. Flexible tools that adapt to your company's needs.


Apps for collecting data from all type of qualitative research sources


With our Meeting Apps enjoy real time transcriptions which will help you take faster and more accurate notes


IO Transcription app speeds up transcribing and synchronizes text with the recording

Online Studies & Communities

Comprehensive analytics, real-time updates, gamification, engaging activities, structured tasks, chats, videoconferences, forums, surveys...


Conduct Interviews and Focus Groups online, create notes during the meetings and get real-time transcriptions


Structure the data, identify patterns and connections - with IO you can get faster to the insights

Search and Filters

Combine filters to quickly get to any information you want. Search by topic, by population... you can define as many criteria as you need


Accelerate searching in the recordings. In IO, transcriptions and notes are synchronized with the media. Click on a word and it will play from that moment


IO helps you save time when coding the data. It automatically classifies the verbatims by predefined terms and offers tools for advanced analysis

Comparison tools

Easily compare the data and extract insights faster. Use any criteria: population, parts of the interviews and focus groups...


The final step: IO helps you impress your clients maximizing the value they get from the analysis

Report Draft Generation

After the coding is done, the application will generate a structured report with the most relevant verbatims and insights


IO helps you create engaging visuals and analytics for reports. From traditional statistics to sentiment analysis, tf-idf...

Ad-hoc outputs

We help you to create innnovative presentations that will impress your client. Websites, video hosting, custom presentations...

A unified outlook

Combine insights from Traditional and Online studies and analyze them together. Create traditional studies from online studies and vice-versa

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