Tools for Qualitative Market Research
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Innovative solutions for Qualitative Market Research

Videoconferences, Online Communities and the best platform for Qualitative Analysis

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Videoconferences Vidio

• Observers can watch the interviews and focus groups while being hidden from participants. They can also chat privately with moderators

• 2-channel audio allows simultaneous interpretation of the videoconference. Translations to different languages do not interfere thanks to separate audio channels

• Transcribers can also join the videoconference without being seen.

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Online communities

• Ad-hoc online communities of any size and shape

• Responsive designs and attractive visual theming

• Integrated with videoconferences and analysis platform

• All type of activities to engage the participants

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The one stop platform for qualitative analysis

The IO Platform

Input Apps for collecting data from all type of qualitative research sources

Analysis Structure the data, identify patterns and connections - with IO you can get faster to the insights

Output The final step: IO helps you impress your clients maximizing the value they get from the analysis

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